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Remote online service over the Internet


Did you know that 98% of all computer problems are software related!!!

This means that you can minimize down time and have us repair your pc over the Internet by securely accessing your computer and making repairs to your pc without ever setting foot in your home or office! Just sit back in front of your monitor and watch our technician make the repairs for you.



How do live online computer services work? 


Simple. We will connect our computer to your computer live from our location and you can watch our technician make LIVE repairs and maintenance. Your computer mouse will actually move right before your eyes. You can watch and learn and even have the process explained to you over the phone during or after the repair.

You are  always in control.

You can terminate the session anytime you choose to. And don’t worry about security. Authorization is required before technician’s access is auto configured. Remote access connection is automatically dismantled at the termination of a session to ensure technician cannot re-access. It is also firewall friendly, no ports are opened on the customer’s network .

Get help now by following the steps below. -  1, 2, and 3.


Just follow the numbers

1- Call us at 905-781-5070 to get a free telephone consultation .

If required we can log in to your computer system and complete repairs and maintenance remotely.


Instant Toll free calls.

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Once You are connected with our technician, they will help you install the required software.


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