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Computer service Nightmares

Recently the media has been showing us how the large franchised computer service companies have been performing. England is no exception either, and i found a great two part expose of one particular “Service Technician” there.

While the art and craft of diagnosis and repair is a difficult at best, we do admit that if you really try, one could conceivably “fool and confuse” a service rep, ultimately it is the way a rep and their company handles the situation is the measure of their merit.

So having said that, here, in the form of some videos we found on Youtube, are some eye openers.

Nabil f.

What to watch out for when hiring a computer repair company

Consumers Beware!

[youtube LbR4wSAE7NY]

[youtube nHrbid_uf4k]

[youtube DrQoMvx_x4o]

[youtube nsHoTxU5hwg]

[youtube 8DsAwt8vf6Q]

[youtube BOrHS50Xkqs]


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