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Computer Hardware Proper selection use, and maintenance of the hardware inside your computer box is critical to your computing life.
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While no parts of a stsyem can be removed without ending the life of a computer, the motherboard is where it all starts. Thast why they call it the "MOTHER"!
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by Webmaster | 09/02/2008 22:54 Show most recent message
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Once the Motherboard is in you will need some memory. Again, no RAM no BLAM!
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Without a proper Size and type Hard drive, you can't install the software that makes a computer more than an in efficient space heater!
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Without peripherals like mice, keyboards, printers, monitors, scanners, and other important devices, your computer is just another space heater.
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A lot of motherboards come with built in video cards and sound or "audio" cards. However for the more demanding "power users" separate cards are the way to go.
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