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Computer Related Careers

We are always looking for a few good people.

We are always ready to interview qualified applicants for the following:

  •  Help desk technical service technician representatives
  • Road-ready service Computer and networking technicians

Our Help desk operators are our first level of diagnostics, and are responsible for:

  •  Answer service telephone calls with patience and understanding
  • Communicate in a friendly helpful manner understanding the stress computer problems cause
  •  Assist our clientele with their everyday computing chores
  •  Answer technical questions regarding many facets of home and business computing
  •  Arrive at an initial diagnosis of our clients hardware or software problems
  •  Log into our clients computers to effect diagnosis and hopefully repairs
  •  Schedule and dispatching appropriate mobile service reps when online repairs are impossible
  •  Give clients an initial preliminary cost quote and time frame. ( not binding)
  •  Followup on any service calls to make sure the work was done properly and professionally

Our Road-ready service Computer and networking technicians:

  • Perform on location computer and networking systems diagnostics and repairs
  • Perform their work in a reliable Honest and speedy fashion
  • Have a professional appearance and attitude
  • Always remember that the customer is the reason they have a job
  • Remove equipment from a location only as a last resort and only after approval from the head office
  • NEVER do unnecessary work
  • Arrive at the location on time as promised by the dispatcher
  • Always treat a clients data integrity and privacy as a critical issue
  • Always proceed as directed by the service bible as created by Click Computer Solutions
  • Always LISTEN Carefully and document any and all client wishes, issues and symptoms

  So.............. If you think that you can fulfill all these requirements and are technically qualified, please feel free to apply for a job here.

Nabil Farkor



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